Things to Consider Before Moving to a New City

Moving to a new city is a significant decision that will affect all aspects of your life. Although the transition can be exciting, it’s important to be prepared and know if it’s the right step to take to avoid experiencing any serious complications during or after the process. If you’re looking to relocate, there are a few things to consider before calling a new city home.

Know Your Budget

Moving can be expensive due to the cost involved with transporting all of your furniture and items, the cost of transportation, and having to put down a deposit or down payment on a new home. You need to evaluate the cost of housing in the city, which can differ from where you currently live. What you can afford can influence where you’ll need to live, making it necessary to do your research ahead of time. Income tax may also be different if you’re moving to a different state.

Job Opportunity

The city that you relocate to should have job opportunity and allow you to grow in your current career to ensure that you have financial stability long-term. Research the current state of the city’s economy and if there’s growth. Research the leading industries in the area and if you’ll be able to have new opportunities in the future. Those who are in the fashion industry can often thrive in New York City while those who are in the tech industry can benefit by moving to Northern California.

Social Network

One of the most common challenges of relocating is leaving behind family members and friends, which can be a significant transition. There should be opportunities to meet new people after you move to ensure that you can form new relationships and make connections with those around you. Having a social network is necessary to ensure that you don’t feel isolated or alone.

Consider What Makes You Happy

Knowing what makes you happy is crucial to determine if living in a new city will allow you to feel fulfilled. You may enjoy exploring downtown areas or spending time in nature, making it necessary to evaluate if the new city has amenities that will accommodate your lifestyle and allow you to participate in activities that you enjoy on a consistent basis.

The Best Tech Tools for Travel Enthusiasts

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Whether it’s business, personal, or pleasure related, the vast majority of Americans are hopping on planes or trains and traveling. So, why not equip your suitcase or carry-on with some of the top tech tools that every frequent traveler loves.

One of the top tech travel necessities in 2018 is the use of noise canceling headphones and earphones. When switched on, these headphones create sound waves to cancel out ambient noise by over 70%. Companies like Bose, Sony, Audio-Technica, and Sennheiser have some of the top sellers in the market that range in price and size.

Once you’ve arrived at your location, you’ll need to get from place to place, and sometimes walking just isn’t an option. Ride sharing apps are available all over the world and can be accessed on any Android or Apple smartphone. In the United States, Uber and Lyft are the most popular choices to get from point A to point B, those ride sharing services aren’t available in all countries. While Uber is available in over 100 countries, most countries offer similar alternatives for taxis, private cars, and motorbike transportation. Before you travel overseas, make sure to do some research on what ride sharing app is popular at your future destination.

Another great travel accessory to throw into your carry-on or suitcase is a portable charger.  These devices are a lifesaver in any location where you can’t access an outlet or a usb port. They need to be charged ahead of time, and depending on the size you purchase, they can charge anything from a smartphone to a laptop.

It’s no secret that Amazon is going to be the place to purchase all of these top tech pieces for your next trip, so why not look into an E-reader while you’re shopping? These devices allow you to take any book or magazine on the go while digitally storing all of them on a cloud. E-readers are about 6.3” x 5.6”  and weigh no more than 9 ounces depending on the device. This eliminates the bulk of books and allows for more room in your bag for other necessities.

Finally, and last but not least, adapter plugs. These little gadgets are a lifesaver. If you’re traveling from the United States to anywhere else in the world, or vice versa, you know that power outlets are different in every country. Adapter plugs allow you to take whatever plug you need to plug in and adapt it to the outlets of the country you are in. They can be purchased pretty much anywhere, and can come with multiple plug adapter attachments to be used in a variety of different countries.

All of these devices make traveling long distance that much more enjoyable and hassle free. The next time you go on a business trip or family vacation, which one of these will be in your carry-on or suitcase?

The Best Websites for Travel Deals

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One of the most important aspects of travel that every avid adventurer understands is financing and the need to budget one’s expenses. Traveling the world is a very expensive hobby depending on your modes of transportation and level of involvedness in the countries you are visiting. The first step you can take in alleviating these financial difficulties is finding the best deals online before you embark on your journey. With that said, here are some of the best websites you can find that will help you save on airfare, lodging, and so much more.

One of more well known travel sites that has been rapidly growing in popularity in recent years, Kayak searches the internet for the cheapest flights, conveniently compiling them on a detailed list that you can look through with ease. Be sure to keep in mind that you’ll tend to find the better deals when you aren’t on such a strict schedule. That is, the more flexible you are with your time of departure and where exactly you’d like to land, the more likely you are to save.

Kayak also allows you to see how much higher or lower prices may be in the near future with their price forecaster, and recommends either buying now or waiting for prices to drop. These predictions depend on when and where in the world you’d like to go, and whether it is a one-way flight or round-trip.


When looking for in-depth hotel reviews from both professionals and customers, look no further than TripAdvisor. Refine your search down to the very mile from the airport you plan to land at, and this incredibly helpful site will display the nearest hotels, bed and breakfasts, and even rentals. Sort by rating, and your reason for your stay. Whether you are traveling with family, friends, on business, or for a romantic getaway, you are guaranteed to find the perfect place to stay.

It is important to note that TripAdvisor is a third party site that links you directly to their partnering sites, like Expedia and They don’t actually offer hotels or rooms themselves, but they are able to find some of the best available offers throughout the web.


Priceline does almost everything for you. Searching for the lowest prices in hotels, flights, and rental cars, this travel site is essentially an online travel agent. After you’ve chosen your preferred star rating, the dates of your stay, and where you’re traveling, Priceline negotiates deals for you. The trick is that you aren’t told exactly what hotel you’re staying at until after you’ve paid, so for the less adventurous, this online tool may not be for you. Unless you are visiting your desired destination for the first time or are uncomfortable with blind booking, Priceline can be an incredibly helpful resource in haggling, and saving substantial amounts of vacation expenses.

What to Know Before Buying a Timeshare

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Many people today understand the risks of purchasing timeshares, and often avoid the seemingly useless investment altogether. However, there are benefits to owning one. They can guarantee you a vacation time with the fixed annual dates you are allowed to operate within the home, and they are a great alternative to hotels in that you have all of your own personal amenities in a private space. But, before taking the plunge and buying a timeshare, take all of the most important considerations into account.

Know Your Rights

Sales pitches and the salesmen giving them have been accused time and time again of forcing customers to purchase timeshares through unethical, and, at times, illegal methods. To combat this, several states have adopted the “right of rescission,” which gives buyers the possibility of opting out of a contract should they feel it is not worth their time or money. However, be aware that these rights vary from state to state, and many timeshare companies are well aware of which states have the most lenient laws, effectively taking advantage of that location’s customers.

Know What You’re Getting

Understand that a timeshare is exactly as the name suggests: a shared piece of property with which you are given a certain period of time to occupy its quarters throughout the year (typically one to two weeks). This provides you with the conveniences of a luxury resort while avoiding the hassles. But, it’s important to keep in mind that you will not be the only person using this space. Never leave any personal items behind.

Another important aspect to understand about purchasing a timeshare is that it is not an investment. Its value will not increase over time. Those looking to invest and make money are mistaken. The only reason you should be purchasing a timeshare is because you actually want to spend time in its respective location.

Know When You’re Being Scammed
Not all timeshare purchases are scams, but many salesmen will offer to throw in a “free gift” or something of the like in an attempt to have you pay more than you have to. Similarly, there are hundreds of cases of resale scams for buyers who are struggling to sell their timeshare. If you are contacted by a “buyer” who is seemingly ecstatic to buy your timeshare, approach with caution. A few red flags include them offering to pay more than the asking price, and receiving any calls at all if you haven’t advertised your sale. Luckily, there are laws in place that help timeshare owners properly navigate this complex industry, and avoid falling victim to the many financial traps that exist.

Booking the Best Hotel For You

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Reserving a top-quality hotel room no longer has to be a hard or anxiety-inducing experience for any traveler. Travelers need to concentrate on hotels that are optimal fits for their individual requirements and wishes. They need to steer clear of concentrating solely on hotels that are widely known or those receive a lot of customer-based hype. Fortunately, intelligent travelers can depend on a range of effective hotel room booking strategies nowadays.

Looking at Websites That Specialize in Travel

It can be helpful to meticulously assess any and all websites that specialize in travel matters. These sites give people invaluable details that pertain to hotel amenities and features. They provide them with practical pricing information, too. People who are looking to score hotel rooms that are the rare blend of desirable and economical can often get significant insight from the most trusted travel sites out there.

Paying Attention to Customer Reviews

Reviews are a major part of the internet in this day and age. Consumers turn to the power of reviews prior to purchasing household appliances of all kinds. They turn to the power of reviews before booking hotel rooms as well. People who want to select hotels that can accommodate their lifestyles well should pay close attention to reviews on the internet. A traveler who wishes to avoid hotel rooms that are dark and cramped may benefit from a review’s assistance. A traveler who is passionate about staying away from hotels that lack bright bathrooms may benefit from reviews, as well.

Finding Out About the Specifics

People should never assume that a hotel is nothing more than the sum of its bedrooms and guest amenities. That’s the reason that travelers who want to make informed decisions should find out about hotel location in advance. A hotel that seems too good to be true may have a “catch” of sorts. If a traveler comes across a hotel room that’s gorgeous but suspiciously cheap, that may mean that the building is located in a neighborhood or community that’s not exactly safe or convenient. Travelers always need to delve deeper.

Requesting Corner Guest Rooms

Guest rooms that are in corners of hotels tend to be a lot more spacious. Travelers who want extra space should try to request them.

24 Hours in Beantown: How to Spend a Day in Boston

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For those driving through New England or residents of surrounding areas, you’ll know that Boston is often regarded as one of the best cities to visit while there. If you are limited on time however, spending just a day in the city is possible, and can be full of all the Boston basics. With the right amount of planning, the following activities can be done within the span of 24 hours.

The Freedom Trail

Especially scenic during earlier hours, walking the Freedom Trail throughout the city is just a 2.5-mile trek that takes you to 16 of Boston’s most historical sites. Some of these sites include the Boston Common, Paul Revere’s house, the Old South Meeting House, and the Bunker Hill Monument, just to name a few.

An average amount of time spent on this walk is roughly an hour and a half if you don’t stop to carefully study every site you come to, so keep in mind that you’ll save yourself the rest of the day by doing just that.


For your first meal and/or drink of the day, stop over at Boston’s famed bar Cheers; the pub where the aptly named television show Cheers was filmed. While it may be very popular and, at times, flooded with tourists, it is surely a spot to add to your list. Enjoy a great meal and experience this timeless pub like the cast of the original show.

Fenway Park

The baseball stadium home to the Boston Red Sox is one of the most well known in the country, and is also one of the oldest, first being built back in 1912. Undergoing major renovations in 1934, Fenway now offers daily tours year round (which last roughly 1 hour). If you happen to visit during baseball season, try buying tickets to a game that day if they aren’t already sold out, which is not uncommon.

Boston Tea Party

This museum is one of the most unique in Boston which encapsulates the events that took place on December 16th, 1773. Actors dressed in the attire of that time period greet you upon entry, then take you on a march through the harbor, where you are then invited to throw tea overboard. Guests can even board authentically restored tea ships, which house one of only two tea chests that are still in existence today.

Little Italy

While it may not be as large as New York City’s version, what better way to end your day than with an authentic Italian meal in Boston’s Little Italy? Located in the oldest residential community in the city (Boston’s North End), this neighborhood boasts more than 80 restaurants and bakeries. End your dinner with a traditional cannoli, tiramisu, or cappuccino to complete a day of bliss in Beantown.

4 Cities to Visit in 2018

The United States boasts thousands of amazing cities that often go unnoticed due to the sheer popularity of places like New York City and Los Angeles. But, many of the lesser known towns have just as much, if not more charm than America’s greatest urban areas.

Now well into 2018, many cities around the country that may have once been considered dull or stereotyped are being added to travelers’ wish lists. The following are just a few amazing cities that the U.S. has to offer that have not gotten the credit they deserve in the past.

Portland, ME

The Northeast and New England specifically have seen enormous tourism booms in recent months, leading to more people realizing just how pristine of a location Portland, Maine is. While it can get quite cold in the winter, visiting here during the spring and summer months are ideal. The coastal countryside is truly something marvel at, while the downtown area has a plethora of bars and restaurants serving the freshest seafood in the area.

Lancaster, PA

Outsiders may see Lancaster as nothing more than a hub for Amish culture, but few realize there is a bustling city at the heart of it. This city possesses unique, beautiful architecture, which includes cobblestone streets and natural brick buildings. Lancaster has an impressive food scene to match. Restaurants like LUCA and The Pressroom serve some of the finest cocktails around, with LUCA receiving national fame in recent months.

The art scene here is another great aspect of the city. The Fulton Theatre hosts plays regularly with Gallery Row just a few blocks away, showcasing some of the greatest paintings and pieces of art Lancaster has to offer.

Louisville, KY

A city southern enough to come with its notorious charm and hospitality, Louisville is the bourbon capital of the country with a number of great distilleries to choose from. Another city with a lively restaurant and bar scene, Louisville is a perfect weekend getaway for those looking to enjoy their leisure. If you’re lucky enough to visit during the Kentucky Derby (taking place on May 5th this year), seeing the iconic Churchill Downs is something to certainly make time for.

Philadelphia, PA

There is perhaps no city in the world happier than Philadelphia right now given the Philadelphia Eagles’ first ever Super Bowl win this past month; undoubtedly a reason to visit in itself. The neighborhood of Fishtown has seen a recent boom in culture with plenty of restaurants and bars to choose from. Kensington Quarters specifically sources their food from the freshest farmers and producers in the area, in addition to promoting local agriculture and a push for more sustainable practices.

If you’re looking for somewhere new to plan your next vacation, consider any of the aforementioned cities to experience their booming cultures and growing attractions.

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